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Warrior Priest/General on horse (dual kit)

Art.-Nr.: KoT-01 / 52060000201



Warrior Priest/Talliareum General on horse (dual kit) (Kingdom of Talliareum)

This product consists of a dual kit that allows the assembly of either one Warrior Priest on horse miniature or one Talliareum General on horse miniature, both of fine quality polyurethane resin. Heads can be rotated to look either front, left or right. This kit includes 2 crosses and 2 books for customisation purposes.  A 50mmx25mm base is included with this product.

This product comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly (glue&paint not included). Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.




Warrior Priest of Pramendes on horse

Talliareum General of Pramendes on horse

Warrior Priest/Talliareum General on horse (dual kit) (Kingdom of Talliareum)

(German translation coming soon)


Long had the human regiments lost hope. The enemies were too numerous, too powerful, too cunning. The Humans had seen plenty of their companions perish while they were fleeing away from their bloodthirsty foes. Their defenses had let them down and their cities were turning to ash. Now they found themselves surrounded and besieged by the army from the Kingdom of Hell in what would probably become their grave. But even in this dreaded moment, the race of Humans prevailed and survived.

For he appeared out of nowhere, riding his horse outside the City and charging the enemy at full speed. He had taken one last glance at them before saddling up on his horse. He had seen the garrisoned soldiers from the inside, he could feel the fear rooted inside their weakened hearts. These were no longer soldiers nor warriors; they were frightened children holding weapons. They had seen enough, more than they could bear, they had fought and escaped death more than once. It's not easy going to battle, it's no fairy tale. The screams, the limbs cut off, thousand of reddish eyes pointed at you, the saliva drooling from the long pointy tongues these infernal warriors kept sticking out with what seemed an insane and sickening blood lust.


They were watching him in disbelief and he knew it. The horseman was now charging their enemies, thousands of them. And he was alone. Words would not raise anyone's spirit. A deed of true valor would however. He smashed against the first foes and started creating havoc all by himself, dealing lethal hits one after the other. The red-skinned warriors kept on coming at him, racing each other to what they believed would be an easy target, the fool was alone! But fooled were they, for this was no ordinary horseman. He slayed tenths of them, until a rather large foe made way to get to him. He was named Laveyana the one-horned and fought with the human for quite a while. He immediately chopped of the horse's head and both continued the battle on foot but the servant from the Kingdom of Hell simply couldn't finish him off. His blows were mighty but couldn't land them on his puny opponent. He inevitably paid his arrogance and fall dead from the human's weapon.

After his body hit the ground there was an initial stall, the Infernal Assaulters couldn't believe their Hero was dead. They immediately snapped out of it and rushed to send his ugly adversary to join him in death. But at that point it was too late. The Human garrison was already charging them, having been inspired by their leader. He was their light, he was courage incarnate and they wouldn't let him die alone, if anything, they would die together. Such was the vigor and spirit of that legendary charge that songs are still written in it's honour...


Tales from the City of Pramendes.