Warmaiden Chieftess by Shieldwolf Miniatures

Warmaiden Chieftess Bust

Art.-Nr.: SWMB-09 / 52060001009



This product contains one highly detailed Warmaiden Chieftess bust and is made of fine quality polyurethane resin. The bust measures 11,1cm in height (approx. 4,5 inches) and 7,1 cm in width (approx. 2,85 inches).

This product comes supplied unpainted.


Northern Alliance Warmaidens

(German tranlsation coming soon)

The Warmaidens live totally isolated from the rest of their male counterparts and have distanced themselves from the Shieldmaidens, for the ancestral hatred towards the Krumvaal still burns inside their hearts. These warrior women know only too well they don't have the numbers to take matters into their own hands; their chances of supremacy slimmed even more after the two civil wars brought victory to neither.

The Warmaidens remain regardless a strong enough faction not to be messed with. They honor the Northern Alliance in favor of stability and -even if they never admit it- common sense of survival.

Whenever they have been called upon, the Warmaiden armies grouped together to form a very worthy opponent, bringing to the battlefield their unique beasts, the War Yetis.

It is common to see a Warmaiden Chieftess right in the center of all this so she gets right into the thick of the fight. And making sure the enemies notice whom they messed with, for in the land where true beasts roam the Warmaidens have to prove they are the most dangerous beasts of them all...