Valley Orc Warlord by Shieldwolf Miniatures

Valley Orc Warlord (with 2-handed weapon)

CODE: VO-72 / 52060000772


General Description

Mountain Orc Warlord (Orcs)

This product contains one finely detailed, polyurethane resin Valley Orc Warlord with giant maul (2-handed weapon). This miniature comes supplied with a 25mm x 25mm plastic base.

This product comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly (glue&paint not included). Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.




Valley Orc Warlord (Orcs)


He had charged with thunderous potency but came back too late, only to find his sister's body laying on the ground facedown, slain without any mercy. An Orc hero had saved the border town from total annhilation, but not the woman that mattered to him. This was royalty, and should've stayed in Urruk Harrut, the Capital city of the Valley Orcs. He saw his blood spilled on the earth and felt the pain although not having been cut. And he was going to avenge that pain. His army massacred the Araves that were still in town, while the rest of the invaders had already retreated and were marching away at a vary fast pace. Almost fleeing. The Soultanos Bral'al'kahal had driven him mad. Furious. Wild. His men took a step back, he was acting almost like their Mountain Orc cousins, only in armor.

...Some months later the same Orc army found itself marching on sand hills. The Valley Orc Warlord had buried his fury under his logic. He ordered preparations made for what was more a crusade rather than a campaign. He had War-machines built, he recruited more men, he hired Brutgoths and packed food supplies and arms. Other Valley Orc Warlords had come with even more men, and their combined army was a frightening sight rarely seen. They were heading under his command towards the City of R'al'khabat, where the Soultanos Bral'al'kahal had taken refuge. They had already met -and destroyed- his army two weeks ago and now he was running away from one place to another. The other Soultanos and Khalifis in the neighbouring realms had threatened to kill him if he seeked refuge in their cities, for they had heard of the slaughter that had taken place in a small Valley Orc town on his orders. They were afraid they too would have to pay the price of the thunderous greenskined horde and hoped the Valley Orc army would stop and return home once they had taken Bral'al'kahal's head...


Tales from the City of Ukru Harrut.