Valley Orc Warlord on Battle Wyvern by Shieldwolf Miniatures

Valley Orc Warlord on Battle Wyvern

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General Description

Valley Orc Warlord on Battle Wyvern (Orcs)

This product contains one finely detailed, polyurethane resin Valley Orc Warlord on Battle Wyvern. The finely detailed based scenery (broken statue) is also included. This miniature comes supplied with a 100mm x 50mm base.

This product comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly (paint & glue not included). Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.

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Valley Orc Warlord on Battle Wyvern (Orcs)


The two armies met in the open field of Arutroth Valley, deep into the Elvish Territory. The Elves had been dispoportionally reinforced by Mercenary Talliareum Ogres which took care of their centre, while on the other hand no reinforcements were accompanying the greenskinned army and was caught by surprise.

The Orc Warlord overlooked from above the situation. His plan had been to smash their centre and had placed his heavy infantry to deal with them, while the rest of the Valley Orc Infantry was to protect the flanks. The Monstrous Warboar Slashers would have served as a decoy, encircling the enemy and charging at the deadly for their infantry Forest Elf archers, who however had proven defenseless against their mounts in prior battles.

Things were not looking good however;


the Talliareum Ogres relieved the Elf guard which usually covered the centre and they were going to pressure the flanks instead.

The Orc army had inevitably commenced the charge to avoid as much as orcishly possible the enemy artillery thinning down their lines, but things were not going as planned.

To avoid defeat, the Orc Warlord sent the other Battle Wyverns to deal with the elven hawks and he guided his own to the centre of the battle. He flew over the heads of his heavies and order them to move to the flanks.
He had several hundred Talliareum Ogres charging him on his own. He tightened the leather grip of his legendary sword, bowed down whispering to his faithful mount. "We are not going to die today. They are."

And with a battle cry that left the elven commander dumbfounded, he charged the Ogres by himself... 

Teachings in the History of Urruk Harrut.