Twin-headed Dragon

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General Description

Twin-headed Dragon (Krumvaal Northern Alliance)

This product consists of one Krumvaal Northern Alliance Twin-headed Dragon fine quality resin miniature. The scenery (tree log) is included. A 100mm x 50mm base comes with this product.

This product comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly (glue&paint not included). Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.


“In the land where true beasts roam, we are more beasts than them all…”

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Twin-headed Dragon (Krumvaal Northern Alliance)

Shieldwolf is a world where only the bravest, most foolish or the most in despair would ever go venturing in far away lands that are known for being perilous and unforgiving.

Regardless of what reason drives their mind into such voyages, where there is hazard there are riches and findings far beyond anything the eye has seen; halls of gold, rare artifacts, magic amulets, enchanted weaponry and much else.
These will be found in the darkest moisty temples of the Forbidden Jungles where the Dracantropii Ancients lurk. They will be discovered in the Cursed Swamps of the River Orcs infested by monsters where even the greenskins dare not venture; or certainly in the lost abbandoned fortresses in what is now known as Kingdom of Hell, where the Humans of what was part of the Talliareum Kingdom abbandoned everything when they were overrun by the hundreds of thousands of minions. Some say the treasure holds have been left like this ever since; but to go there would mean avoiding the huge and countless swarms and even so one could then face horrible creatures of pure evil.
Brave or crazy adventurers head for the lost graveyeards in the Lands of the Dead where they often end up joining them; some others will choose to venture in search of mythical treasures in the arid and endless aravian lands where they might face however the dreaded Scorpious or die of thirst.

Or instead they head north in the frozen caverns of the Krumvaal Northern Alliance Crystal Mountains
. Often they will track down the notorious twin-headed Dragons and see what riches are hidden in their lairs, hoping to snatch some before they get spotted. Little do they know that these Dragons often play with them pretending not to have noticed the pygmy thieves. Such a joy seeing how their delighted faces change expressions once the game is over and the meal has been served..."

Tales from the streets of Pramendes.