Talliareum Ogre Mining Guard

Talliareum Ogre Mining Guard

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General Description

Talliareum® Ogre Mining Guard [Anvilsmasher] (Kingdom of Talliareum®)

This product consists of one Talliareum® Mercenary Ogre Mining Guard miniature made of fine quality polyurethane resin. One square 40mmx40mm and a 50mm round plastic bases are included with this product.

This product comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly (glue&paint not included). Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.


Talliareum Ogre Mining Guard (Kingdom of Talliareum®)

The marble mines that are found in the west of the Kingdom of Talliareum® have been of great value and bring considerable wealth to those who own them. Marble is exported to the neighbouring elves but it's also used inside the Kingdom itself; it decorates palaces, public fountains, statues, mansions etc.
Whatever brings wealth attracts thieves and surprisingly -due to the nature of the product itself-, marble was no exception.

The local authorities would hardly bother guarding the almost always isolated locations, so the landlords who owned the mines found refuge in the mercenary Ogres. They would literally establish themselves in the mines, spending a good portion of their lives there. Having accumulated their wages, they'd often retire, drinking themselves to sleep in the city taverns for the remaining years of their lives.

Various scary tales have been told of these brutes. The most horrifying of them speak of how they often enjoyed hiding deep into the mines, giving space to the thieving groups to enter them. Thinking they went unnoticed, they'd be surprised by the Ogres only when escape was no longer an option. What happened to these souls, nobody knows...

Stories of the Ogre Guards told in the taverns of Pramendes.