Talliareum Ogre Barn Master

Talliareum Ogre Barn Master

CODE: TMO-10 / 52060000910


General Description

Talliareum® Ogre Barn Master [Anvilsmasher] (Kingdom of Talliareum®)

This product consists of one Talliareum® Mercenary Ogre Barn Master miniature made of fine quality polyurethane resin. One square 40mmx40mm and a 50mm round plastic bases are included with this product.

This product comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly (glue&paint not included). Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.


Talliareum® Ogre Barn Master (Kingdom of Talliareum®)

When the humans in the Kingdom of Talliareum® organized themselves and managed to establish order, the Ogres were forced to either comply or exile themselves. There were those who chose to stay, but the Ogres were simply not cut out for the city works or privately work in factories. Some instead chose to work in the countryside and leave their once favored city borders (where taverns provided endless ale and company).

Surprisingly, they did fairly well. Plowing fields, mastering cattle and other farming activities. And then , there were those Ogres who could simply not discard that easily their brutal side. So, they took over the "defences" of the farm houses they were hired in. Willingly or not, the owners complied, also because it proved to their interest. With very little money added to their salaries, these Barn Masters made sure to keep things safe and in order.

Those foolish enough to raid the farms for easy pickings soon found out that the countryside in the Kingdom of Talliareum® had been granted an unexpected guardian of great value. The reasoning is found in the huge sense of ownership the Ogres feel when they have worked on something. And since the Barns were what hold their sweat -even if in real effect they didn't actually own the goods stored inside them- they felt very strong about defending them.

Some raiders found that the hard way...


Stories on the Ogre Guards told in the taverns of Pramendes.