Talliareum Ogre Anvilsmashers

Talliareum Ogre Anvilsmashers

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General Description

Talliareum® Ogre Anvilsmashers

This product consists of three (3) Talliareum® Mercenary Ogre Anvilsmashers miniatures made of fine quality polyurethane resin. The item consists of one Ogre Barn Master, one Ogre Bodyguard and one Ogre Mining Guard. Three 50mm round plastic and three 40mm square plastic bases are included with this product.

This product comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly (glue&paint not included). Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.

Talliareum® Ogre Anvilsmashers (Kingdom of Talliareum®)


At times of war, everyone who can bear arms is summoned in the Kingdom of Talliareum®, for order must be preserved and gold holds less meaning when life and banners are threated. Some do it for their lives and thse they leave behind; others do it for the things they believe in.

And there are those who nobody questions why they do it; the gold! Hundreds of Ogres storm the army ranks, whereas they were guarding mines, factories, people, farmhouses... whatever. War has its own set of rules and where there's war, there's plunder.

Some of the older soldiers among the humans still swear on their mother's graves and their father's names of how they literally saw the Ogres get sparkiling eyes at the sound of war trumpets, or how they saw them grin with ecstatic pleasure while entering the barracks to enlist...

Stories of the Ogre Merceneries told in the taverns of Pramendes.