Talliareum Ogre Troopers by Shieldwolf Miniatures

Talliareum Mercenary Ogre Troopers Pack_A (2nd hand weaponry)

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General Description

Talliareum Mercenary Ogre Troopers Pack_A (Kingdom of Talliareum)

This product consists of four (4) Talliareum Mercenary Ogre Troopers miniatures made of fine quality polyurethane resin. The arms with weapons are modular parts and can be glued in a number of ways to augment variety. Four (4) plastic 40mmx40mm bases are included with this product.

This product comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly (glue&paint not included). Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.



Talliareum Ogre Mercenary Troopers Pack_A (Kingdom of Talliareum)


 They bashed in the tavern without a care in the world and abruptly took a look around to pick a table. The best table in there seemed to be the one at the rear by the fireplace but some citizens were already sitting there and drinking ale, although they had now stopped and were looking at them. The first of the Ogres headed for the large wooden table while the others followed him. The humans hastily left it, but there was one that stood firm in his place. He was around half their size, but was not likely to be bullied out of his seat. "Why don't you fellas grab yourselves a stool and we can all fit..." He soon found himself flying across the room and smashing on the stone wall, for the Ogre leader had little time for chatting and the midget was occupying his space. The other 6 Ogres went to sit with him while the tavern-keeper was hastily bringing them his largest cups of ale. "Meat and bread too!" barked the Ogre, throwing a small purse at the little human. The tavern-keeper bowed to him -twice- and made haste to bring them their order.

A few minutes later, the Ogres were noisely laughing, eating and drinking, when the tavern's doors flew open and the Human garrison entered. The Captain came forward and looked at the 7 occupants of the last table. Their standing 2-and-a-half meters tall and weighing almost double the Captain did not frighten him. He had seen his share of fights and knew that numbers could easily overcome raw power. Silence spread across the tavern and the occupants slowly started leaving the place.

"What ya want Human?" asked the Ogre leader. "We've paid coin, no trouble here".

The Captain took a glance at the tavern-keeper who nodded in confirmation of the Ogre's words. It often happened that this race would either disregard paying or was too drunk by the end to come to reason. In both cases they usually ended fighting with 5-6 guards before eventually spending the night in a prison cell. "I know Mercenary," replied the Captain, "and I hope you eat well, for this could be your last meal and your last cup o' ale. Tomorrow we march to war!"

And the Ogres laughed outloud and kept on drinking and eating just like any other day...

Stories from the 3rd Mercenary Regiment of Pramendes.