Talliareum Mercenary Ogre Firebreathers

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General Description

Talliareum Mercenary Ogre Firebreathers (Kingdom of Talliareum)

This product consists of four (4) Talliareum Mercenary Ogre Firebreathers miniatures made of fine quality polyurethane resin. Four (4) plastic 40mmx40mm bases are included with this product.

This product comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly (glue&paint not included). Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.

Talliareum Ogre Mercenaries Firebreathers Pack_A (Kingdom of Talliareum)

The battle had ended, the Daemons infesting the northwest part of the Talliareum Kingdom pushed back and order had been restored close to the borders. However, the Ogre Mercenaries had been heavily targeted by the Infernal Assaulters and sustained multiple losses. The Talliareum army led by General Graverte Adolfus had managed to preserve their strength and took very few casualties during the shock attack which resulted in breaking the Daemons first line and scatter the rest.
The Humans gave them chase and killed as many as they could. They knew one day they would fight them back again, for the Great Council would order the assembly of an army to invade their long lost lands and reclaim it back from the servants of Hell. But that would have to wait, Talliareum was currently exposed to many dangers and enemies and had to accumulate more power.

In order to accumulate that power, they would have needed gold. And some of that gold would now have to be handed over to the 500 Ogre Mercenaries that had been recruited for this battle. But on second thought, there were less than one hundred left. The Ogre survivors would have taken the share of their fallen comrades as agreed. So, the Human General decided to cut their share and pay them only a fifth of what he should have paid.

He assembled his men, ordered them to take battle positions and marched his horse infront of the Ogre encampment. Truglock, the Ogre Firebreather leader came to meet the Human and collect payment, the rest of the Ogres staying behind to watch. Seeing himself highly outnumbered, Truglock swallowed his pride, bowed his head and agreed; the Ogres had been left decimated and underpaid.

Two years later, a Krumvaal army had descented from the eastern border and General Graverte was ordered by the Great Council to reinforce the Talliareum army against the barbarians. He assembled his troops and ten days later had reached the battlefield. The barbaric horde had recruited Talliareum Firebreathers, something they rarely did but often means justify the cause. "Hmmm... bloody mercs, never trust an Ogre...", he thought and entered the central hut where the other Generals had gathered.

"How much did they pay the Ogre bastards and who leads them?" he barked. 

"Truglock is the name of their leader, but funny part is we learned the Ogres are not being paid," he was told by a veteran General to his left. Graverte Adolfus recognized his superior but couldn't believe his ears.

"What?," he said astonished, "Impossible! These dogs never fight if there's no gold or loot involved!"

"Actually I didn't finish my sentence." The veteran General gave Graverte a slicy strict glance. "The Ogres are not being paid from the barbarians because...", he paused turning his head very slowly and fixing it on Graverte, "...because they
 have come for your head." And at the hearing of that word, his squire stabbed General Graverte Adolfus on the back. Nobody in the tent moved a limb. The Human fall dead to the ground.

"And if that's what it takes to get rid of them, I am more than willing to give it to them", mumbled the veteran General while exiting the tent... 

Stories of the 16th Patrol from the City of Pramendes.