Siberias Lion Rider Pack by Shieldwolf Miniatures
  • Siberias Lion Rider Pack by Shieldwolf Miniatures

Siberias Lion Riders

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Siberias Lion Riders (Kingdom of Talliareum)

This product consists of four Siberias Lion Riders miniatures, made of fine quality polyurethane resin. Mounts come as separate pieces from their riders and interchangeable. This product contains four 60mm round bases.

This product comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly (glue&paint not included). Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.


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Siberias Lion Riders (Kingdom of Talliareum)

 (Italian translation coming soon)

And so came the day that horsemen rode across the Kingdom of Talliareum to warn of the great greenskinned horde that was ascending the Mountains. Valley Orcs consisted the bulk of the army, but a few tribes of Mountain Orcs had joined them willingly. The Humans at the borders fled instantly and the Human Army was assembled. They lined up to meet the enemy in open valley, thus choosing the battlefield of greatest choice; great visibility, their cannons lined up, the cavalry on the flanks. Typical winning formation.

But the sight of some 200 Monstrous Warboars on the very center of the Orcish horde was more than frightening. If this army succeeded in crushing them, there was no other army strong enough to fend them off, and surely none could deal with the huge beasts the Orcs brought with them. News of annihilation would stretch to the other Orc factions and maybe reach the Northern Alliance too; everyone would want a piece of the pie, with the race of Humans condemned to perish.

They could see the Valley Orcs riders literally smiling with a bloodlust glance in their eyes. It caused terror to the less trained and pessimism to the veterans. "This is where we make our last stand", was the main silent thought that razed them, "even though I have survived a lot of battles in the past, this is my last. Let me make the most of it!"

On the  far left of the army, the forgotten and neglected by the rest of the Great Council, General Siberias showed up with his troops. To their amazement the rumors they had heard were true! He was riding a huge armored lion, and had some 80 of his guard riding lions too! Even with their unexpected monstrous cavalry reinforcements, the Humans of Talliareum were still highly outnumbered, but just like a small breeze can revive a fire and cause a fiery whirlwind,  so did the Human army take courage and looked at the enemy with malice. Even today, both their casualties and victory are still remembered and praised by all, a victory that would have never been possible without General Thomas Redemond Siberias, whose life gloriously ended that day in the battlefield...

History of the Siberias Lions, PART V (last part).