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Siberias Lion Rider_C

CODE: KoT-07 / 52060000207

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General Description

Siberias Lion Rider_C (Kingdom of Talliareum)

This product consists of one Siberias Lion Rider_C miniature, made of fine quality polyurethane resin. The mount comes as separate pieces from the rider. A highly detailed 75mmx50mm resin base is recommended and available in the "Bases/Bitz" section of this website.

This product comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly (glue&paint not included). Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.



Siberias Lion Riders (Kingdom of Talliareum)


General Siberias had to find a way to counter the monstrous war-boars the Valley Orcs brought to the battlefield. He spend sleepless days and nights trying to figure a solution to the newly arrived threat. Gunpowder? It wouldn't be enough, he had seen simple bullets simply scratch the beasts. Cannons? No. These were very fast, maybe the crews could field a couple of shots but after that it would be the end of them. Use an avalanche of halberds and spears? They had worked, but the cost had been great, most of them broke like matchsticks in front of the thunderous charge. Besides, they would be needed to fence of the rest of the Orc army too, these beasts weren't going to come alone...

He kept on trying to solve the problem, then thought of the Ogre mercenaries. These huge warriors were known to field War-bull cavalry, another monstrous cavalry type that could maybe counter the threat! But the Guard of Pramendes was designed by him to save the City and protect the Race of Humans, he didn't want to count on gold-thirsty mercenaries, let alone Ogres. Maybe they could master the War-bulls themselves? Not a chance, these animals weigh more than an average human from the moment they are born, getting pierced to death would be more like it...

His thoughts were interrupted by a fierce opening of his window, smashing against the stone wall of his hall. A strong wind blew inside and a servant run to close it.

"Apologies m'lord!", said the servant, but the General didn't even bother to look at him. Without turning his head, he ordered the servant to bring him his horse and call for his guards. He stood frozen, his eyes firmly fixed on the banner of his family's emblem that hung on the wall, still waving due to the gust of wind that had entered the room uninvited. He couldn't take his eyes off it, more particularly off the lions that decorated the silken cloth...

History of the Siberias Lions, PART III out of V.