Siberias Lion Rider_A

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General Description

Siberias Lion Rider_A (Kingdom of Talliareum)

This product consists of one Siberias Lion Rider_A miniature, made of fine quality polyurethane resin. The mount comes as separate pieces from the rider. A highly detailed 75mmx50mm resin base is recommended and available in the "Bases/Bitz" section of this website.

This product comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly (glue&paint not included). Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.


Siberias Lion Riders (Kingdom of Talliareum)

The story of the Siberias Lions comes from the man after whom they were first named. General Thomas Redemond Siberias was a noble that came from the royalty of the Human Guard of Pramendes, the capital of Talliareum. They had been in war with the Orcs again, and they had suffered great losses. The Humans had pushed them back making good use of their defenses but at a price. The Council had been summoned and things weren't looking good. Every time the Humans assembled an army, the Orcs united. They beat those cursed drums and they channeled their warriors by the thousands. The human generals had discussed their weaknesses, but came at still point when it came to face the latest threat of the Valley Orcs. The Council however didn't think much of it but assembled all the same.

"General Siberias," said the Head Council, "what news do you bring?". They all turned around to look at him. This was one of the Generals that had created the Guard of Pramendes, an elite army that reigned over Talliareum and defended the race of Humans.

"The Orcs have become more daring, m'Lords," said Siberias with a firm tone of voice. "The Mountain Orcs discend from their mountains more often than in the past and the Valley Orcs perform regular raids. It will not be long before they realize we are too weak to counter them and launch a full scale attack on us."

Rumbling and fear spread across the room, till the Eldest of the Council managed to calm everyone down.

"What exactly do you mean?", demanded the Eldest. "We have an army, we have defenses, we have heroes and Lords that will push them back, just like everytime the Green filth has invaded us!"

"This time it will be different, m'Lords, this time the Valley Orcs brought Warboars with them. And I don't mean the boars the Mountain Orcs use for their Chariots. I mean 3 times as big, and they..."

"We've seen them General Siberias, but if you think these beasts will be the reason the race of Humans shall perish, it's but a laugh!" The Council broke out in laughter, without allowing the noble to explain, and he inevitably found himself driven out of the Great Hall, accompanied by his men. He was furious they didn't see the danger. He saw it however, and was determined to do something about it...


History of the Siberias Lions, PART I out of V.