Shieldmaiden Warlord-A (dual axes)

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Shieldmaiden Warlord-A (Krumvaal Northern Alliance)

This product consists of one Northern Alliance Shieldmaiden Warlord-A fine quality polyurethane resin miniature. The miniature comes supplied with a plastic 25mm square base.

This product comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly (glue&paint not included). Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.


“In the land where true beasts roam, we are more beasts than them all…”

Shieldmaiden Warlord_A (Krumvaal Northern Alliance)

(Italian translation coming soon)

"...The Shieldmaidens are always in search of the best possible ways to outclass their enemies. For this reason there is no royal blood and other silly things Talliareum humans keep falling victims of. The hierarchy consists of who is the strongest to lead the rest. These are known as Shieldlords, warrioresses whose natural skill and years of hard training make them hard and ruthless. This is the same as their male counterparts (the Krumvaal), raw brutal strength is highly respected in these icy lands.

Despite their lethal abilities however, the Shieldlords are in grade to acknowledge the superior tactical minds of other Shieldmaidens who although courageous and more skilled than their average companion, are outclassed in melee fighting compared to the Shieldlords. They can however highly contribute in creating plans and confer tactical advantages the Shieldlords would never be able to think of. These cunning and brave women carry the title of Warlords, although that is not inheretable nor does it confer them any riches. It is a simple state of logic the Shieldmaidens carry in their hierarchy.

For this reason, a bond like no other in the Shieldwolf world is created among these two Sisters, the Shieldlord and the Warlord; there is never any attrition between the two of them, one would gladly give her life for the other. The Shieldmaiden Warlord is the only one responsible for the decisions they must take when destiny calls upon them and communicates what must be done to the Shieldlords; once the Shieldlord hears them, they are the sole responsible ones in executing them by leading the Shieldmaiden armies who gladly follow under their sword (or axe... or mace). This usually ends with plenty of foe blood spilled in the process..."

Stories of the History of the Shieldmaidens.