Shieldlord_B axe and shield version front view by Shieldwolf Miniatures
  • Shieldlord_B axe and shield version front view by Shieldwolf Miniatures
  • Shieldlord_B axe and shield version rear view by Shieldwolf Miniatures

Shieldlord_B (axe & shield)

CODE: NA-421 / 52060000421


General Description

Shieldlord_B (axe & shield) (Krumvaal Northern Alliance)

This product consists of one Northern Alliance Shieldlord_B fine quality polyurethane resin miniature. The miniature comes supplied with a plastic 25mm square base.

This product comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly (glue&paint not included). Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.


“In the land where true beasts roam, we are more beasts than them all…”

Shieldlord_B Warlord (Krumvaal® Northern Alliance)

The Valley Orc Warlord Brud'ruka made his way to the middle of his camp. He was a living legend for the Orcish tribes and he had been accumulating many riches and power over the years. Now, he had raised an army that seemed unstoppable. Thousands of warriors, mercenaries, cavalry, siege machines; he had literally everything. He commenced by burning down any cities of Talliareum he found on his path. The humans however were not his primary objective, as he turned to wage war in the more hostile Krumvaal Territories. His army leveled anything it met and his mission to claim more territories for the Greenskins seemed like stealing from unguarded churches of the Sisters of Talliareum.

Brud'ruka had returned to his camp and had just been informed that a small warrior party of Shieldmaidens had been ambushed and the woman leading them had been captured. Not before having taken down 5 of his men though. He amused himself by challenging his prisoners to a duel and was going to make an example of her. 

He found the Shieldlord been tied to a tree right in front of his tent, wounded, beaten, bleeding. She was in such a horrible condition that it surprised him that 4 guards stood around her all the same.

"Why do these idiots guard her?" he barked, "can't you see she can hardly move?!"
"She fought viciously and took down five of our..." mumbled one of the guards only to be pushed aside by the warlord.
"That's because they were all apparently useless. I don't need their corpses in my army, they are better off food for the worms, at least they'll be of some use. Untie her!"
The guards hesitated for a moment but did as he commanded. The female fell down to her knees, bleeding lips and nose, bleeding cuts in both her thighs and a total mess all around. She remained immobile, apparently looking for sympathy. Hah! She would find none.

The Orc circled around her, and dropped a sword next to her. The Shieldmaiden made no attempt to grab it. She didn't even look at it. The Orcish Warlord looked at her with despise, kicking away the sword. A worthless shrew, how could she have ever taken down five of his men? This pathetic mess? Tired and not amused with the spectacle, he stopped and turned around to address his men. In an instant and before anyone could move, the 'pathetic mess' sprang into life, jumped on him, snatched his knife and burried it deep in his neck!

The Shieldlord died seconds later, cut to pieces by the raging Orcs. A smile could be seen on her face, as her assassination mission -one the other Shieldlords had deemed impossible- had been accomplished. 

Stories of the History of the Shieldmaidens.