Safety Precautions


- Be careful when working with resin. The use of tools (knives, saws, files etc) is potentially dangerous. If you are not used to working with resin, please be careful.

- Resin dust; Like most small particles, it is potentially hazardous to your health. If you sand or file any of our resin products, you are advised to wear a dust mask or any other similar that will offer adequate protection. It is highly advised you carefully clean with water so the quantities of resin dust is minimized. For better results, it is advised to use soap along with cold water in the process of cleaning the resin pieces.

Material properties

We have chosen to use here on Shieldwolf Miniatures only superb quality resin which is both durable and slightly flexible. We will also be advancing to plastic should we change our casting methods and material.

These products are intended to be attached together with the use of super glue. Usually the time needed to be adhesive enough, does not exceed a period of 6 seconds.