"War is Coming" Rules

War is Coming Rules

Rules of the Game

Beta version is available. For all. And for Free!

"Shieldwolf: War is coming" (TM) is a tabletop miniatures rank n' file army game designed to be played with 28mm "heroic"/bulky scale miniatures.

Players: 2+
Reccomended number of players: 2
Reccomended age: 12+ 

It has been designed for a fantasy world divided in 12 races. Some races will have factions depending on how they are separated, while some others may include factions of other "lesser" races which act as merceneries. They will all however play under a combined system to ensure that whichever race a player is called to face will have some weaknesses to allow victory.

Many changes have been made since we conceived it and started working on it back in February 2012, and (certainly) more will be made in the future as we test the rules. We have playtested a variety of rules which have never been conceived before by any other gaming system we know of. We are aiming for a game so original, it will trully capture gamers around the world. It is not easy. We initially wanted this to be a simple game to help players learn the rules easily. But very simplistic would negate the very meaning of strategic ability, thus we had to come up with a set of rules that would be generic to all races, fast to complete and with a contained (but always present) factor of luck/chance. Even the greatest of heroes had some luck when slaying a dragon!


There will be 2 ways with which the game can be played:

-The first type is for casual players which will allow a 1vs1 on a table of specific dimensions. Players will draw a card to see which terrain has been selected as the battlefield. A variety of illustrated cards will be designed and published to make available for the game. The type of battlefield gives specific advantages depending on which army has been fielded (e.g. if it is snowy territory the Northern Alliance will have advantages, if it is a Jungle the Dracantropii will have advantages and some types of cavalry will have disadvantages etc etc). Gaming rules of "Shieldwolf: War is coming" (TM) will be as easy as possible for all players to rememeber without much effort.

-The second type is a campaign for more hardcore players. It allows 2-6 players on a pre-designed map (we aim to publish a very very big map for this along with some other things which will escort it), which allows people to complete the game after a couple of turns which will usually take some days. Players will have specific resources and control territories depending on the Race they choose (or draw) to play with. While the system of battle will remain the same as for the first type, the systems of diplomacy and dominion will be introduced and make the game very interesting under a lot of aspects. At this point we cannot release more specific information, other than the above. We will make sure our game has no "grey" areas and till then we will continue playtesting.


Regardless of which, the rules will always be downloadable for FREE. This doesn't mean fragments or samples or anything like that, it means the entire/complete rulebook with which to play "War is Coming" (TM).
We are aiming at publishing a hard-cover book with the rules which shall include a lot of backround/fluff and even more artwork, which will be made available for sale and/or included in our starter armies. This however does by no means imply one will have to eventually pay for it. The rules is all you need to play, and with every new miniature Shieldwolf makes available there's always ample fluff on the right of your screen to allow you to envision what it stands for ;-)
Rules 100% free. Always. 


Playtesting... playtesting... playtesting...


Latest Updates:

13 June, 2015. A first (rough) version has been released to a volunteer group for additional playtesting. Game Rules to be completed and released within the year.

14 July, 2015. A follow up PDF labeled "Attachment-1" has been prepared and is being sent to our playtesters, at this point limited to exactly 100 worldwide.

15 September, 2015. The first line of feedback has been collected and being processed. The v1.b is in the works...

16 November, 2015. Version 1.b1 is in last phase test. This beta version will be made available in December-January to everyone (also in our Kickstarter project "Shieldmaidens vs Orcs", launching January 12th 2016 (in order to have the final tests & feedback which will create version 1.c). This will be the final 1st edition of our game.

08 January, 2016. Version 1.b2 is now available. All feedback will be gathered during the year in order to create and release version 1.c (first edition of our game). Enjoy gaming and follow good spirit!

17 April, 2016. Version 1.b2 is in the final stages of editing. This "beta version" is already available for everyone and for free. We do comprehend however we have lots of work still in front of us until we have the final tests and feedback (which will ultimately create version 1.c). This will still take a long time to complete.

Until then, Shieldwolf Miniatures recognizing the amount of time that will take until the completion of our game (since a lot of effort has already been invested in it we certainly mean to see this through), has decided in the meanwhile to support "The 9th Age" which we consider the most complete and interesting fantasy army game available today, which just like "War is Coming" has been created through pure passion and tested using the experience from players all over the world and likewise is available for free


Shieldwolf Miniatures becomes the first company to actively support the game (we have already sent out a generous amount of parcels for prizes in order to sponsor tournaments of the 9th Age worldwide). We are hoping our support will help spread out the hobby of fantasy army wargaming and generally please and entertain more all those who partecipate.

Disclaimer: Shieldwolf Miniatures (TM) has no affiliation with any of the owners and creators of "The 9th Age" nor has or is in any way partecipating in any of their work. Our miniatures are under no manner intended as "official" for this game and we do not challenge any of the rights registered from "The 9th Age". 


 05 April, 2017. Version 1.c1 is being tested. There have been the following changes
                             -New (female and male) units have been added to Krumvaal
                             -New (female) units have been added to Talliareum Humans
                             -New (main) race has been inserted.

The game version 1.c1 is being playtested and will be released for wider playtesting via our volunteering playtest team worldwide, we will be making it available only when a suffient amount of miniatures from our range covers its needs.

 27 April, 2018. Version 1.c1 is still being tested. There are the following few changes
                             -New (female and male) units have been added to Krumvaal
                             -New (secondary) race has been inserted - Forest Goblins (mercenary faction).
                                      -Background stories of mercenary factions have been added.


 30 January, 2019. Version 1.c1 is still being tested. There are the following few changes
                             -New (male) unit has been added to Krumvaal; skirmishers.
                             -New (secondary) race has been inserted - Drotts (Common Goblins, mercenary faction).
                                      -Background stories of Dracantropii faction have been added.