Humans (Kingdom of Talliareum)

"...In times of darkness and despair, some races perish and others -somehow- survive. The Race of Humans was one of these. Although they were numerous, they lacked physical strength and were often picked on like the weaklings they were. Ogres did as they pleased with them, Orcs often raided and plundered their villages in the south while the Barbaric tribes pillaged their small towns up north. The neighboring Elves were the only ones who didn't bother them nor were they willing however to assist them. The Humans saw their lives dominated by fear and their numbers kept dangerously thinning.

As times went by, they inevitably realized they stood better chances through unity. That was a hard step for Humans are very hard to overcome their personal weaknesses, and have more often than any other Race challenged reasonable thinking due to their arrogance and pride. Their will to survive however overcame all vanity and personal ambitions, creating overcrowded centers which later formed huge cities. The Humans were lucky enough to have strong and wise leaders who created the Law, imposed taxes and used them to build huge fortifications and outposts, while for the first time regular patrols guarded their borders and exterminated the numerous thieving warbands that had long ravaged their lands.The Kingdom of Talliareum had been formed and with it the Race of Humans survived..."


Siberias Lion Rider_A


Siberias Lion Rider_B


Sorceress of the Circle front view by Shieldwolf Miniatures
Sorceress of the Circle

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Arcane Sorcerer 1st head version front view by Shieldwolf Miniatures
Human Arcane Sorcerer


Talliareum Captain with 3-barrel gun and sword
Captain of the Guard

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Warrior Priest on Horse by Shieldwolf Miniatures
Warrior Priest/General on horse (dual kit)