"Goblins in the Shieldwolf World may have a very little bit of clumsiness but there's nothing funny about it! They are definitely not dumb or silly; quite the opposite. Shieldwolf goblins can better be described with words like "demented", "psycho", "aggressive", "evil", "twisted", "thieving", "cunning", "malicious". Some have surprisingly shown signs of courage other races would normally envy, and they are known not to have good relations with any other race, they trust no-one and they especially hate Humans and Orcs. Apart from these 2 races, they willingly join as mercenary armies and follow others for coin and loot. They wage war only if it is in their favor, theirs is a war of attrition, where their superior numbers overwhelm the enemy. And it is known that it best to die a swift death than be imprisoned by goblins, where the worst awaits you..."


Forest Goblin Infantry (hard-plastic)

CODE: G-05 / 52060000805


Forest Goblin Infantry¬† (Goblins) This multi-part hard plastic kit contains all you need to assemble 25 Forest Goblins. The sprues include all... More