Necromancer Maiden front view by Shieldwolf Miniatures
  • Necromancer Maiden front view by Shieldwolf Miniatures
  • Necromancer Maiden side view by Shieldwolf Miniatures

Necromancer Maiden

CODE: NA-414 / 52060000414


General Description

Necromancer Maiden (Krumvaal Northern Alliance)

This product consists of one Northern Alliance Necromancer Maiden fine quality polyurethane resin miniature. The miniature comes supplied with a plastic 25mm square base.

This product comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly (glue&paint not included). Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.


“In the land where true beasts roam, we are more beasts than them all…”


Necromancer Maiden (Northern Alliance)


 The wind kept on whipping her face but she moved on forward, in a land where few dared venture... She had to see for herself however, she had to know! But venturing into the Kingdom of Talliareum was not safe, for the disguise she wore would not protect her for long. She had paid for a room in the tavern but she had quickly picked up the strange glance the tavern-keeper gave her. The old man had called the town guard and soon enough she had 6 footmen close behind her. She had left in a hurry but they followed.

"Darn!" she whispered, "I've been made... I didn't want this, I didn't want the attention these..."

"Hey you!", shouted the Captain, "stop where you are!"

She started running, thinking she could outrun the heavily armoured men but she was tired from the long trip and hadn't rested at all. They would soon catch up with her and she had to think fast. She raised her eyes and noticed the chapel from afar. She didn't think twice, smiled and made her escape for it!

She had easily made it into the premises and almost into the chapel when the first shot was fired. The round bullets struck the building's wall in front of her. The Captain had missed on purpose, they wanted to catch her alive. She stopped and turned around. The men were some 20 feet away and slowly commenced encircling her. She kept on taking slow steps backwards, them slowly coming closer.

"You do know you should've shot me when you still had the chance, right Captain?", she said smiling.

"You're coming with me you barbaric shrew, and I'm going to see to it one way or the other! But if you want to play hard to catch, I'll make sure my men have some fun with you first." The Captain put the 3-barrel gun away and drew his knife. "You really thought that this church was going to offer you sanctuary?"

"No," said the maiden, "it's just that I'm looking at all these graves and I can't stopped thinking...", she said, taking a small golden cross from her waist-belt...

"That we are going to burry you here?", said one of the footmen to her right, a dozen feet away.

"Again, no. That these graves will soon be empty..."  she spontaneously said a couple of words, turned into a ghostly form and... vanished! 

 The 6 footmen were suddenly alarmed, this was definitely not expected. The naive barbarian girl had turned out a hyena with access to the Lore of Death! They turned around with sword in hand trying to spot her while strange noises commenced around them but couldn't identify what they were. An amused female voice came out of nowhere.

"These graves are emptying, but I shall make sure you fill them up again... with your own corpses!"

Shieldmaiden Cronicles from the Books of the Ice City.