Mountain Orc Infantry by Shieldwolf Miniatures
  • Mountain Orc Infantry by Shieldwolf Miniatures
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Mountain Orcs Infantry (hard plastic)

CODE: O-705 / 52060000705


General Description

Mountain Orcs Infantry (Orcs)

This multi-part hard plastic set contains all you need to assemble 20 Mountain Orcs Infantry. The sprues include all pieces required to assemble (twice) a Command group made of a Banner Bearer, a Group Musician and a Group Leader. The detailed set consists of various arm/weapon types for customization purposes and along with the 4 different torsos, 4 different sets of legs and multiple head variations (due to the flexible combination of lower jaws, upper jaws and hairstyle types) allows the creation of unique regiments. Models supplied with twenty plastic 25mm round bases.

This set comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly (glue&paint not included). Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.



"It is the time of the Orcs..."

Mountain Orcs Infantry (Orcs)

"One of the strongest races is that of the Orcs. These green-skinned warriors rule a great part of the Shieldwolf® world and are divided in 4 factions. You'll meet them all should you choose to travel in their territory. They even fight each other at times, but (strange at it may seem) usually keep to their own. One of the strongest and most brutal is the faction of the Mountain Orcs. They are among the fiercest warriors the Orc race can gather, although lacking discipline and ambition more than any other green-skinned. Rarely do they travel away from their mountains, making sure it's all kept to themselves.

They make their weaponry from the steel-like bones of dead Brutgoths. These great beasts often serve as mounts which carry multiple Mountain Orcs atop, creating havoc in enemy lines. The Mountain Orcs respect strength and courage, and so their leaders do not come out of bloodlines but instead are found among their ranks, those capable to tighten their discipline and lead their brethren to battle. They are more than willing to do so, uniting with the other 3 factions when the drums are heard. Ah yes, when the drums are heard, the land trembles. And long has it been since their leaders joined, to call on them all. Long, long has it been..."

Teachings on the History of the Orcs.