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Mountain Orcs Army Banner Bearer

CODE: O-703 / 52060000703


General Description

Mountain Orcs Army Banner Bearer (Orcs)

This product contains one finely detailed, polyurethane resin Mountain Orcs Army Banner Bearer. Shoulder armor and a side weapon are included as separate pieces. This miniature comes supplied with a 25mm x 25mm plastic base.

This product comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly (paint & glue not included). Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.

Mountain Orc Banner Bearer (Orcs)

Among those who carried the banners, there were some who carried the Army Banner. It was larger than any other, full of trophies and pride, protected by magic and spells. Shamans surrounded it muttering strange words, sometimes making impaled snakes move, or even forcing chopped-off heads to open their eyes. One of the greatest tales of the Army Banners was that of the Great Dark War. The Humans had trapped them in the Long Cliffs, and their heavy infantry highly outnumbered them. All banners had fallen. All, but one. The last banner standing belonged to the Broken-Bones tribe. The warriors protected it with all their might, but one after the other, they kept falling to the never-ending waves of incoming attacks. The Humans of Talliareum were growing impatient, the corpses and blood making it even more difficult to slay the last of the Orcs and take the banner down.

The Orc carrying the Banner realised in an instant stroke of logic, that there was no hope. He stopped urging his companions and slaying humans around him, in order to turn his head towards the sky and call to his Gods for help. "Let not this Banner be taken! I curse you if you do!"

And so, the Gods listened, but as always they had plans of their own. The Orc protecting it did in the end perish at the blade of a swordsman, but the Banner did not. The Humans of Talliareum carried it back to one of their cities along with other trophies, but anyone getting near it fell ill and died with high fever. When they realised it was cursed, they tried to destroy it. It didn't burn. It didn't break. Immune to fire and physical harm, they had no choice at the end, but to order their soldiers to take it back.

And so it happens, that some Orc Army Banners have special powers when held by green-skinned hands...


Tales from the City of Ukru Harrut.