Mountain_Orc_Boar_Chariot _front_view_by_Shieldwolf_Miniatures
  • Mountain_Orc_Boar_Chariot _front_view_by_Shieldwolf_Miniatures
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Mountain Orc Boar Chariot

CODE: Ο-706

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General Description

Mountain Orc Boar Chariot (Orcs)

This product contains one finely detailed, polyurethane resin Mountain Orc Boar Chariot. Like most Shieldwolf® products, it allows a huge variety of options for enhanced convertability. The side logs next to the wheels are interchangeable and/or removable. The front log has 2 different trophy options (one includes a shield & 2 crossed axes, the second is an impaled human corpse), while 2 pallisades are included in order to add more character to the structure. The beautiful wheels have interchangeable sides allowing 4 different builts on each chariot, while the bull-skulls on the axles are removable separate pieces (thus allowing variety of positioning on each wheel built). To make things even better, for further assembly options of the 2 boars this product incorporates 4 different head variations. Also included is the crew made out of two multi-part Mountain Orcs to be assembled in a wide variety of options. This product includes a 100mm x 50mm base.

We recommend adding this product to our existing range of Mountain Orcs, maybe the most brutal and detailed Orc army miniatures in 28mm scale worldwide.

This product comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly (paint & glue not included). Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.

Mountain Orc Chariots (Orcs)

Early that morning the 2 armies would assemble at the Plains of Ostragorth. The first to arrive was the Human army. Time had once again come to face their hatred enemies. Their people had long clashed their powers and the time of peace was over, war had come to get rid of the menace once and for all. General Andrew of Leopiin had long been gathering an army and was now marching fearlessly into the Lands of the Orcs. The time of dominion for the Kingdom of Talliareum had come!

The drums had been beating long and hard; the humans could hear them for days and from many miles away but without actually seeing the enemy. The Heavy Infantry had been ordered by their Captains to stand fast and hold the centre of their battle-line. The humans from the Kingdom of Talliareum obeyed the orders and stood their ground awaiting for the charge, although they had wished for the halberdiers to hold their centre. The Human General placed the halberdiers at their sides and reserved his cavalry on the flanks. He expected the mind-less, war-lusting green-skinned warriors to appear from the top of the hill and charge straight into his elites.

His archers stayed at the back and all was set for what would be a great victory. The human scouts had reported the gathering of a massive army from all 4 Orc factions. The General was however only interested in picking the place to fight. The open valley was great. He could see everything in front of him and guide his troops accordingly. Whatever came over that hill would meet nothing less but death and suffering. Yes, he was ready for this.

Suddenly the earth started to tremble. Over the hill-top a rumbling wooden wave with tusks and teeth showed up, followed by an army of blood-thirsty green-skinned warriors. The ground underneath them shook and so did the hearts and legs of the army deployed against them. They had never seen before chariots from the Orcs. Crudely made but chariots none the less, wild beasts pulling them with vigor, hundreds of them! This was something the humans had never expected. Maybe the Orcs weren't so mind-less after all. The archers fired at them but with little effect. At the hopes that their line would hold, the 2-handed swordsmen grasped tighter the leather grips of their swords and embraced for the thunderous impact. A useless effort. Almost no one survived it...

By the time the first wave had finished, and before any of the humans could re-deploy or counter attack, then came along the second wave, that of the Orc Infantry. Mountain Orcs Infantry took the centre and began doing what they did best. With their elites gone and suffering the momentum of the Orcs, the Human army broke, throwing their weapons and running away frantically in despair and all directions, prey to anyone who caught up with them. The human general was among the first to run away leaving his lieutenants trying to catch up with him. The time for Human dominion was evidently far away. This was instead the time of the Orcs...

Teachings on the History of the Orcs.