Mountain Orc Army Deal

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General Description

This product includes all you need to build an entire Mountain Orc army, including Characters, War Machines and Infantry.

This offer combines these plastic and polyurethane resin figures:

40 Mountain Orc Infantry,

1 Mountain Orc Hero_A with 2-handed weapon,

1 Mountain Orc Hero_B with 2nd hand weapon,

1 Mountain Orc Shaman,

1 Mountain Orc Army Banner Bearer,

2 Mountain Orc Boar Chariots,

2 Mountain Orc Great Wolf Chariots.


This is a fantastic way to create your first Orc army, by giving you a valuable main force to field in battle, or alternatively, boost the size of an existing Mountain Orcs army.

This set comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly (glue&paint not included). Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.


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Night Army of Bar'ar'urgt the Merciless (Orcs)

The Mountain Orcs are the lords of the North in the lands of the greenskinned warriors and form one of the four Orc factions of the Shieldwolf® World. One of the most reckless and feared Mountain Orc heroes of all time, Bar'ar'urgt the Merciless was renowned for driving his Mountain Orc army in enemy encampments during the night. For that, it was known as the Night Army.

He would first release his lethal chariots. Great Wolf Chariots are faster and they quickly penetrated or passed by the guards straight into the enemy camp. The guards would only make it in time to step aside and start yelling, sounding the alarm. The Boar Chariots came right behind, but with greater impact. The whole encampent would be in a state of alarm, with some of the defenders shouting out orders and others coming out of their tents to deal with the full-velocity intruders. Once the chariots had spread enough havoc among his adversaries, he quickly followed up with the Mountain Orc Infantry to crush the panicked and disorganized enemy. He enjoyed riding on top of a chariot himself, but he was also to be found leading the Infantry in numerous raids.

There were times that he would order a small number of chariots to run around enemy encampments at night, making noise and keeping them alert. In the meanwhile he would leave but a handful of guards for his own men and send everyone else to sleep. They would lazily wake up the next morning, prepare themselves and come thundering down on the sleepless enemy ranks...


Teaching on the History of the Orcs.