Matriarch_C by Shieldwolf Miniatures

Matriarch_C of the Kingdom of Talliareum

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General Description

Matriarch_C (Kingdom of Talliareum®)

This product consists of one Matriarch_C high quality polyurethane resin model. These towering women are female warriors that have survived in battle numerous times. The Wolrd of Shieldwolf® is not for the weak in heart, these battlehardened women still stand their ground for the human Kingdom of Talliareum®, wearing tirelessly their heavy armor and swinging with wrath their holy hammers!
This model is supplied with one plastic 40mm square base. 

This product comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly (glue&paint not included). Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.

Sisters of Talliareum®  (Kingdom of Talliareum®)

 Gabriella, Matriarch of the South Garisson

She was born blind. The maiden assisting was shaking her head, for she was not fit for the Order. She went to the elders to ask for guidance. Must the child be left to perish? Was that not a cruel action not fit for their ways of life? For we must give protection to those who cannot stand for themeselves.

The oldest among them asked to see the child. This could not be, she was born under the blessings of their holiest rituals. She was supposed to be a leader. A Matriarch! Yet that seemed no longer possible.
With great grief and tears running down their cheeks, they reluctantly handed over the child to them.

The elders gathered around, their wrinkled hands touching the blind sleeping infant.

"The human Kingdom of Talliareum® is in need of every warrioress it can conscript under its ranks. You are all fools, thinking that this is a lesser warrior just because of her blindess!" She went to the weapon stack and picked up her own great hammer. "This gift is from me to you Gabriella. For we see by faith, not by sight! You will one day lead all the rest!"
The old woman turned to face the surprised audiance below them. "Be gone now," she shouted, "for today we have been blessed!"

Many years later, a Matriarch of the name Gabriella was said to have smashed every enemy that encountered her army of Sisters. A magical hammer was said to be granting her sight whenever danger was present. And oh my, she was danger herself!...

Sisters of Talliareum® Chronicles