Matriarch_B by Shieldwolf Miniatures

Matriarch_B of the Kingdom of Talliareum

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General Description

Matriarch_B (Kingdom of Talliareum®)

This product consists of one Matriarch_A high quality polyurethane resin model. These towering women are female warriors that have survived in battle numerous times. The Wolrd of Shieldwolf® is not for the weak in heart, these battlehardened women still stand their ground for the human Kingdom of Talliareum®, wearing tirelessly their heavy armor and swinging with wrath their holy hammers!
This model is supplied with one plastic 40mm square base. 

This product comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly (glue&paint not included). Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.

Sisters of Talliareum®  (Kingdom of Talliareum®)

 Maria, Matriarch of the East Garisson

Things were certainly not looking good for the East garisson army of the Sisters. They had been marching northwest for weeks. The goal of the expedition: Find and annihilate the Daemonic army that had been spotted assembling from their scouts a month ago.
During the march they had been continuously been harassed by swarms of foul minions, some smaller and some larger attacks. Morale was running low, but they would reach the main enemy army any day now.

Or so they thought. For the Kingdom of Hell does not consist of brainless enemies like the countless Undead hordes that infest the southern borders of the human kingdom. These were retreating on purpose, drawing them ever further from the haven of their strongholds.
When the two armies finally met, the Sisters main core was fairly worn out and certainly outnumbered. The enemy waited for them in the sulphuric plains outside of Bathiista, the old town so many thousands of years ago abbandoned.

Seeing all this, the Matriarch Maria walked to one of the wagons, filled her holy cup with wine and walked with confidence in front of the ranks. She was smiling wider than anyone else had seen ever before.

"You see this wine, how it spills?", she said, turning the cup slowly and letting the red drops water the dry scrorched earth beneath her. The smile on Maria's face had turned almost to a sadistic psychotic one. "This is how we will spill the blood of our enemies! See how easy it is?..."


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