Arcane Sorcerer 1st head version front view by Shieldwolf Miniatures
  • Arcane Sorcerer 1st head version front view by Shieldwolf Miniatures
  • Arcane Sorcerer 2nd head version by Shieldwolf Miniatures

Human Arcane Sorcerer

CODE: KoT-02 / 52060000202


General Description

Human Arcane Sorcerer (Kingdom of Talliareum)

This product consists of one Human Arcane Sorcerer miniature made of fine quality polyurethane resin. The product includes two different head versions to choose form, along with a supplementary air suspended necklace. A plastic 20mmx20mm base is included with this product.

This product comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly (glue&paint not included). Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.



Human Arcane Sorcerer (Kingdom of Talliareum)


The Sorcerer's hands ached terribly, his eyes burned and his head felt like it was about to explode. He could hear screams in his ears. Women's lamentations and men's pleads of despair and was experiencing a twisted pleasure in the anguish they suffered. He could feel the intense power of the sorcery he practiced flow into his veins. It made his muscles grow. It caused his bones to lengthen and thicken. It made his burning hair fall down into ashes. He could feel both the pain and the anguish inside him.

After a while he found himself in his basement and on his knees. He felt immense strength and kept on watching his malformed hands. The Sorcerer knew that these were his own hands although now they had been transformed into the hands of an Infernal Assaulter, thus a minion of Hell! His wife entered the room but instead of seeing her husband she came up to a red-skinned monster that had invaded their house. She screamed, dropped the bucket of water she was carrying and run outside in terror. Now she had to die. And even more surprisingly, he felt a lecherous pleasure in that thought...

Tales from the City of Pramendes.