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Heavy Skeleton Infantry

CODE: U-101 / 52060000101


General Description


Undead (Skeletons)


This 142-resin-piece-set(!) contains all you need to assemble 20 Heavy Skeleton Infantry with various 2-handed-weapons or single-hand weapons and shields for all. It includes pieces for assembling a Banner holder, a Group Musician and a Group Leader. It also contains 3 small axes, 3 scrolls and 3 pouches for customization purposes and along with the 5 different torsos, 4 different sets of legs and 10 head variations allows the creation of unique Regiments. Models supplied with twenty plastic 20mm square bases.

This set comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly (glue not included). Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.



“It is like when you’re facing death, for they have all ready met it.” “Death - the last sleep? No, it is the final awakening.”

Skeletons. Order of the Owl. Numbers so vast to fill the eye. The greatest army ever assembled, its veterans left to die. Betrayed. Deceived. Lost and left to rot in the battlefield, they have returned to seek vengeance. What’s more, they are not afraid of death. For they have already met it.


"...They were deceived. They were left in the battlefield to die, worn out and outnumbered. Although they were veterans and they numbered thousands, they knew this was an army condemned to die. Surrounded, they found themselves on the great opening of the forest facing the archers from the hills above them. Cowards! Even in their last moments they didn't have the will to give them an honourable death. There was also the magic that made their limbs weigh like mountains. They helplessly watched the enemy's wizards summoning, chanting and whispering, surrounded by mystical aura. And there was the enemy heavy halberd formation, preventing the few that were more resistant to magic (due to either amulets or the Blessing) from charging.
What made it worse was seeing their generals and officers from afar. Those who had turned colors were disarmingly looking at them, like sick cattle to be slaughtered. The other officers that had remained true to the cause were butchered were they stood. The civil war was over. They were to die. And then, after the command was given, the sky started raining arrows...
...The Order of the Owl was no more, and with it so was the war that had for so long devastated the Lands. All dead, down to the last man. Broken hearts accompanied by broken shields and arrows. The few who had survived the arrow avalanche were left to face the 2-handed swordsmen who simply walked and easily finished them off. Those wounded on the ground stared at them while their swords cut into their flesh, stealing what little life was left in them. All dead. As the victors left, the rain started falling, very hard and thick. It caressed the thick armour, soaked the cloth, washed the bloodied ground and turned soil into mud. And that was the end.
Or at least it would have been the end had not something incredible happened. Many weeks had passed and the rain did not stop. From the dense fog a strange being appeared out of nowhere, starring left and right while making its way among the carcasses. Its worn cloak along with its feet, made the forest grass die and scorched the muddy ground where it touched. On the front lines, the half broken Banner of the Order, still impaled on the ground, suddenly moved. A vigorous red cloud of life surrounded it and before long, the Sacred Owl was given... life. It flew towards the middle of the Battlefield to meet the strange being. It landed on its left shoulder and rested. The two of them gazed around the battlefield. After a while, it seemed that a pact was made. The Sacred Owl flew to each and every single man of the Order, simply touching them. And, they... moved! They stood up, picked up their weapons and gathered. They were brought back from the dead. This time, magic would not touch them like before. They were betrayed, lost and left to rot in the battlefield without honor. They have now returned to seek vengeance. What’s more, they are not afraid of death. For they have already met it..."

“Lost Library Tomes, chapter 2, page 301”