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Goblin Warlord on Great Wolf

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General Description

Goblin Warlord on Great Wolf (Goblins)

This product contains one finely detailed, polyurethane resin Goblin Warlord on Great Wolf. Model supplied with a 50mm x 25mm base.

This product comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly (paint&glue not included). Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.


Goblin Warlord on Great Wolf (Goblins)


The warriors around him were agitated, for they had seen a small army of Valley Orcs enter their lands. For some strange reason the large greenskins believed they had rights in that land, but that didn't settle well with the smaller long nosed ones. They shouted at the Warlord to assemble them and go meet them in battle. They numbered thousands while the Orcs numbered just a few hundred. They would smash them!

For the time being, the Warlord restrained himself in smashing a couple of faces that had gotten too close and acting a bit too fanatic for his taste. He climbed atop a huge rock and yelled at them "An open fight? Ya twits! We don't fight like that!"
"But we number thousands!" they shouted back. The Warlord wanted to start slapping one against the other but he had to force his reason upon them. "And why should our numbers perish against the green brutes? And even if we do kill'em all,  do you think they will take it well, ya morons? Do you want them to come back with thousands? What will ya throw them then, huh? Yar ugly mothers?!"

The Goblins laughed and some cheered, his cunningness was matched by no-one among them. "But they will plunder our stuff! What we gonna do, sit still and watch 'em do that?" "Yay, you smelly stooge, that's what you'll do. Sit still and let' em plunder! And in the meanwhile, we are going to run over at their unguarded towns and cities, kill'em all and plunder' em back!"

The goblins giggled and smirked knowing their great Warlord had something else in mind but they didn't quite follow his saying. "That doesn't sound right. If we step aside and let'em plunder, then we plunder' em back and they come for revenge... what's the difference in nit fighting them in the first place?"

The Goblin Warlord's eyes shined and brilled, his psychotic glare was a mixture of lunacy and sickness. He pulled out a dusty old leather bag from which he drew a few broken halberds and a damaged militia hat with a couple of huge white and red feathers. His sharp teeth slowly appeared as he muttered with schizophrenic pleasure "Because we will be dropping these behind... and the Orcs won't be coming back this way for their revenge..."


Goblin stories of the Grand Warlord Fizamarazu the Cunning.