Warchief on Warborn Toad
  • Warchief on Warborn Toad
  • A Forest goblin warchief on Battletoad vs a Talliareum General on horse

Forest Goblin Warchief on BattleToad

CODE: G-09 / 52060000809


General Description

Forest Goblin Warchief on Battletoad (Goblins)

This product contains one finely detailed, polyurethane resin Forest Goblin Warchief on Battletoad model. The Forest Goblins have long been using any creatures they can tame from a young age for their battle purposes. This could not overlook the wartoads who allow them not only to swiftly move through the battlefield but also stike an impressive blow to the enemy, unexpecting these hoping foul creatures who rain upon them! Needless to say that The Forest Goblin armies have augmented their kill toll with this addition to their ranks.

Models come supplied with a 50mm plastic round base.

This product comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly (paint&glue not included). Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.