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Dracantropii Warlord A

CODE: DK-501 / 52060000501


General Description

Dracantropii Warlord A (Dracantropii Kingdoms)

This product contains one finely detailed, resin Dracantropii Warlord A. It includes 2 head versions (one with helmet and one without) to choose from. Model supplied with a 25mm x 25mm plastic base.

This product comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly (glue&paint not included). Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.

Warlord A (Dracantropii Kingdoms)

"...Royal blood flowed in his veins and harsh was the training he had been submitted to. But in the Araves wars, he had been a coward. He had fled the battlefield hiding back into the Jungle. He felt the disgrace and banished himself to wander the lands of the Orcs, then plunged into the Dwarf caverns only to end up in the cold and hostile Northern Alliance territory. Many had thought he had died, others simply did not care.

...Years had passed and the Dracantropii were preparing to defend themselves against the incoming Araves invasion. For some wicked reason, their Heavy Dracantropii troops had been badly defeated, and the Light Dracantropii Infantry was left to defend the City alone. When the Sand People came, the Dragon Race stood heroically but inevitably took heavy losses and would have fled the City had it not been for him. Out of nowhere he had appeared, looking much different from what they remembered. He stood in front of the main gate alone, slaughtering anyone who came close. He kept killing so many and so fast, he formed a pile of bodies on which he climbed, simply to keep the body count rising. The City was saved. And the Dracantropii Warlord had returned..."

Dracantropii Royal Archives of the line of Ax'urausis, Tome II, page 156.