Djinn of Water

CODE: A-606 / 52060000606


General Description

Djinn of Water (Araves)

This product contains one finely detailed, resin Djinn of Water. Model supplied with a 40mm x 40mm plastic base.

This product comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly (glue&paint not included). Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.

Djinns (Araves)

"Allow me..." he said to the Soultanos, walking towards the 6 rebellious slaves," to teach them a lesson". They had captured and brought them before the Soultanos but his faithful sorcerer wanted to draw some amusement out of them. "Unchain these dogs and give them weapons!" he ordered the Royal Guard. They hesitated for a moment, then the Soultanos smiled, waved them to obey while toying around with the tip of his gigantic sword.

The chains were dropped and 6 swords left to the ground in front of them. "You have a choice you faithless waste," barked the Sorcerer Al'Madih'alal'jebir at them. "Take these swords and cut an arm off yourselves. That way you may live. Or take these swords and attack me. That way you may die." By saying that he started mumbling something to himself and rubbing the strange bronze oil lamp that hung from his side. Dense smoke started coming out of it.

The slaves picked up the swords and charged him without thinking twice. A muscular hand came out of the strange smoke and grabbed the first by the neck, imobilizing and choking him. Then he left him on the ground gasping for air, while 2 swords appered inj his hands and slew the other 5 to pieces. The marble columns of the palace were splashed red and pieces flew around the Palace Hall.

Al'Madih'alal'jebir walked towards the first slave who remained choking on the marbled floor. "Wrong choice," he said smiling while drawing his dagger...

Tales from the streets of Gal'andur.