Talliareum Captain with 3-barrel gun and sword

Captain of the Guard

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General Description

Captain of the Guard (Kingdom of Talliareum)

This product consists of one Human Captain of the Guard miniature made of fine quality polyurethane resin. The product includes two different head versions to choose from, along with supplementary accessories for further customization. A plastic 20mmx20mm base is included with this product.

This product comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly (glue&paint not included). Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.



Captain of the Guard (Kingdom of Talliareum)


-"Take the men from the back door and flee! Flee I tell you!" he shouted to his Lieutenant.

-"We cannot leave the tower fall Captain!" answered the wounded man, "it's the only thing that stands between them and the Town!"

The Captain quickly drew his gun against his Lieutanant while pointing his sword towards the rest of his men. His good eye shined and he was not going to have his authority questioned. "You will take these good men and you will see they leave this place for good Lieutenant. And you will do so quickly because I'm getting itchy fingers when I hold my pistol for too long."

And so the Lieutenant reluctantly took the remaining men knowing that the Tower would fall and the Orcs would then have free passage to the Town behind it. The steep canyon led up to this fortification, an easily defendable point and thus left with a very small Guard. But the Orcs numbered hundreds and they inevitably managed to break through and corner the Human garrison. 

The Captain sat down atop a pile of barrels in the corner and lit his pipe, while the Orcs on the other side of the door were battering it down. Hit after hit, the heavy wooden door eventually broke and the Orcs stormed in. Surprisingly instead of some desperate resistance they met a smiling man calmly sitting on a pile of beer barrels, holding a pipe on his right hand and a pistol on his left. The Orc leader came forward and smiled at the little man, surrounded by his warriors. "So, you have decided to die here instead of fleeing for your life like the rest, huh? You should've known this Tower would fall if we attacked it! You won't be smiling much longer, that I promise!"

The Captain smiled back. "Actually I did know, but even if I had fled you would have eventually caught up with me. We have no horses and my biggest mistake was to accept this post. Yours too."

-"What do you mean mine too?" barked the huge Orc.

-"Well, do you see these beer barrels?" asked the Captain calmly, pointing his 3-barrel pistol around them.

-"Yesss...?", answered the Orc not sure what the Human had in mind. "We'll probably be taking them after I have kicked your corpse out of this Tower!"

-"That would be a great plan, only thing is... They don't have any beer!" And by saying that he smashed the one he was sitting on and black powder poured out. "You won't be smiling long either," he told the Orc and pointed the gun straight into the barrel. Some of the Orcs around him froze, others scattered away as fast as they could while others dashed for his pistol. Just before the explosion they heard him shout "That I promise you back!"

Tales from the City of Pramendes.