Orc Battle Wyvern front view by Shieldwolf Miniatures
  • Orc Battle Wyvern front view by Shieldwolf Miniatures
  • Orc Battle Wyvern side view by Shieldwolf Miniatures

Battle Wyvern

CODE: VO-06 / 52060000706


General Description

Valley Orc Battle Wyvern (Orcs)

This product contains one finely detailed, polyurethane resin Valley Orc Battle Wyvern. The finely detailed based scenery (broken statue) is also included. This miniature comes supplied with a 100mm x 50mm base.

This product comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly (paint & glue not included). Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.


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Valley Orc Battle Wyvern

And so the Valley Orc Army assembled and prepared. The men still weren’t too sure about this campaign. The Orc warriors feared no one in close combat; they might have not been as lethal as their Mountain Orc cousins, but they certainly lasted longer. The dreaded enemy hawk riders however were a threat not taken lightly and they wanted reassurance on how they would deal with it.

The huge gust of wind came from atop and caught everyone by surprise as did the huge beasts. The King was riding a Valley Orc Battle Wyvern and landed straight in the middle of the Orc camp making everyone take a few hasty steps backwards. Another four Wyverns landed on top of the ruined bastions. “You fear the chickens?! I’ll take care of them myself. Now move! To war!!!” The shouts from the Orc army were deafening. A terrible threat was about to enter the Lands of the Elves…

Tales from the City of Urruk Harrut.