Araves Sorcerer_B front view by Shieldwolf Miniatures
  • Araves Sorcerer_B front view by Shieldwolf Miniatures
  • Araves Sorcerer_B rear view by Shieldwolf Miniatures

Araves Sorcerer B

CODE: A-603 / 52060000603


General Description

Araves Sorcerer B

This product contains one fine detailed resin Araves Sorcerer B miniature. Model supplied with plastic 20mm square base.


This product comes supplied unpainted and may require assembly (glue not included). Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.


Araves Sorcerer B

Both men were strolling lazily through the rocky terrain upon their horses, two formidable white beasts of the East. It was a long journey, far away from home. The first rider was the Khalifis Gruh-ul-al'haddash, whose right hand had dispatched his hawk, only to grab the wine flask on the side of the saddle and keep blabbering away. Allim' ubdul al'sarhief was the Sorcerer behind him. The only one the Khalifis would allow to join him in these strange quests he ventured upon. After all, it was this Sorcerer who'd solemnly promised the Khalifis' father to watch over his son. Thus the older man remained silent, surveying the hostile area surrounding them, eager to spot danger.

Despite his state of constant alert, it was the hawk that spotted the bandits first. It screamed aloud and circled above them, marking their position. The Khalifis smiled, spurring his horse and hurling himself into action. The Sorcerer was reluctant, yet followed him nonetheless.

They detected 6 unarmed slaves fleeing. It was obvious their escape wasn't recent, and despite the fact that the 2 riders weren't initially looking for them, it was necessary that they take action and punish them. Well, "punishing" slaves in the land of Araves usually meant "killing" them. But little did this matter. The slaves upon sensing their presence hastily broke out running, heading for the caves in the hills. The Khalifis followed close behind. So did (again very reluctantly) Allim' ubdul al'sarhief. The two of them quickly encountered rough terrain, having to abandon the horses, leaping off the saddles with feather-like agility, dismounting so that they could pursue them on foot. The Sorcerer kept thinking that this was not smart acting, chasing slaves into unknown, dark, cornered caverns. The Khalifis on the other hand thought nothing of it, his mind obsessed on how to catch the vermin. Closing the distance, they came upon an opening and found themselves facing the hunted men. Surprisingly spears had appeared in their hands. The two men, coming to an abrupt stop, held their breath, slowly turning their heads around, only to now realize the presence of other slaves appearing from the shadows, all carrying swords, hatchets and knives. Their score must have been around 30 men, all grinning wickedly, crazy red eyes fixed with excitement upon the hunter who'd now become prey, anticipating the taste of an easy victory to come. A sword fell sharply on a rope, as one of them cut it to spring the trap from behind. Rocks tumbled down, completely blocking the entrance of the cave. The only light now available was a sunray, invading from a gap in the center of the ceiling. "DIE you dogs!" yelled the leader of the slaves, breaking the silence and urging his companions. The yell of horror would have frozen the hearts of other men. But the Khalifis drew his swords, while the Sorcerer quickly reached into his pocket, throwing a number of peculiar silver rings on the floor. At the same time a sandglass appeared in his hands and he began mumbling words of no meaning, to those who are not familiar with magic. Such was the will he imposed in the sand, that the clouds darkened the opening above, utterly blocking the sun and thus blinding everyone. Well, almost everyone. For the Sorcerer's demented eyes were rapidly transforming. And so were the rings on the floor...

At the end of the day, the two men went on with their journey. The Khalifis kept grumbling and protesting about how he had been deprived of the chance to prove his worth. The Sorcerer behind him kept silent. Hiding a small grin of satisfaction, however...

Tales from the streets of Gal'andur.