Araves Sorcerer_A front view by Shieldwolf Miniatures
  • Araves Sorcerer_A front view by Shieldwolf Miniatures
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Araves Sorcerer A

CODE: A-602 / 52060000602


General Description

Araves Sorcerer A

This product contains one fine detailed resin Araves Sorcerer A miniature. Model supplied with plastic20mm square base.


This product comes supplied unpainted and may require assembly (glue&paint not included). Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.


Araves Sorcerer A

Earlier that day a fruit basket had been delivered to the household by a man wearing a hood, covering his face. He had instructed the servant to place it in the master bedroom. The servant had been reluctant at first, but stood no chance. The hooded man briefly stared deep into the servant's eyes, commanding him silently to do his bidding. The servant without further hesitation removed the fruit basket from the stranger's hands and retreated inside the manor, obeying. As he must. Slaves have, after all, so little will-power...

...Later that night the aravian wind blew the candle out and sunk the hooded man's room into darkness, but neither did he notice nor was he bothered by it. His eyes had turned a glowing, fiery red. He didn't blink. He simply started mumbling some strange, mystic words. His concentration allowed his mind to travel far away, entering a luxurious house somewhere deep in the city's center, near the Market. The residence belonged to the Vezyr Kraal'al'hadih, who had dared mock him and question his place in the Palace. The same fool for whom the fruit basket had been delivered. And to a very specific purpose, for the grapefruit turned into venomous spiders, the grapes into scorpions, the pineapples into slithering snakes...

The next morning the servants found the fruits scattered on the ground and the deformed body of Kraal'al'hadih lying still on the bed. Never to wake up again...


Tales from the streets of Gal'andur.