Great War Mammooth scenic base

This product includes 1 (one) high quality polyurethane resin 150mmx100mm Great War Mammooth scenic base. Please note: This is a "Direct Only" item,... Altro 

Bitz box

This product includes one hard-plastic organizer box. It allows to place in order everything that may be needed for assembly or conversion of miniatures and... Altro 

Dracantropii 40mm bases
[Currently not available]

This product includes 3 high quality polyurethane resin 40mm square Dracantropii bases. All three bases have a different design.   This product comes... Altro 

Dracantropii 25mm bases
[Currently not available]

This product contains 5 high quality resin 25mm square Dracantropii bases.    This product comes supplied unpainted (paint not included). Pictures are... Altro 

Plastic 20mm square bases

This product contains twenty 20mm square slotted bases.

Plastic 25mm square bases

This product contains twenty 25mm square non-slotted plastic bases (without lip).

Mountain Orc Weapon Pack

Mountain Orc Weapon Pack (Orcs) This product contains twenty finely detailed, polyurethane resin daggers and short swords. There are 10 daggers... Altro